June 04, 2009

Best Practices for Building Web Applications

If there's something I've learned during my developer life, is to make a list of basic rules and to be faithful to them. These rules are the skeleton on which all my own applications shall be built. Of course, these rules also evolved as time goes by, growing stronger or falling into obsolescence, often unpredictably.

Web development is not different from C++ coding, so it also has its own ruleset in order to avoid "bad habits". These are my rules, tell me yours.


  • Think semantics
  • Markup, not bloat
  • Put a DOCTYPE in your life


  • Reset your CSS
  • Avoid "hard" classes
  • Don't hack


  • Choose your JS weapon!
  • Be gentle. Be usable
  • Progressive & Gracefull


  • Keep them separated
  • Call the specialist
  • S is for Standards

I think they are pretty self explanatory, but I'll be digging deeper onto them in forthcoming entries.

I hope this list, at least, makes you think. Does you follow your own set of rules while developing? Why? Why not? What are yours? How they evolved?

There's no absolute answer to those question, you must be saying. And that's obviously certain as no two people are alike. Sharing our points of view would be a good way to learn from ourselves, doesn't it?

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