December 17, 2010

The Coder Zone Stats 2010

It's a fact: 2010 comes to an end in 2 weeks, and it's time for me to take stock of the year, get some numbers, think about them… As I did last year.

This year, I must admit it: I've been very very lazy. Even more than I use to be. So, the numbers of this year will not be very representative of the whole of the page. This ones are only for the posts of this year.

  • The 5 entries I posted in 2010 are contained in 16 categories. 12 of them were new.
  • Two old posts remain in draft status, pending to be edited, polished, and published. The same two of 2009.
  • The number of visitors to date are 2.633, from which 2.333 where unique.
  • Visitors printed 3.401 pages, most using Firefox (59'04%)
  • Visits from USA raised to nearly 29% (759), surpassing it's three followers combined, UK (184), Germany (167) and Spain (152), from a whole of 93 countries.
  • 67% of the visitors run Windows. Mac (21%) and Linux (9%) are far away. Come on, Linux users!
  • Still there were 37 users of IE6. We're on 2010… Please, let it go! Gladly, no users were harmed this year with IE5.5
  • The most visited page is jQuerify bookmarklet (1.026 views), followed by the CSS Refresh bookmarklet (567 views)
  • The most visited post created this year was Safe RecursiveIterator with a humble 25 prints.
  • March 26 was the day with the most pageviews (43)
  • Nearly 58% of the traffic came from Google. Bing send 7 visits all over the year. Great! Thank you, Bing…
  • 41 visits came from the following search in Google: "clearfix content borders doesn't work in ie". So concise!

Compared with those of 2009, this numbers could be seen positively. Well, in fact, the blog began in July of 2009, so the comparation is not fair at all. Also, the time I spent on the blog is not the same (5 entries in a year… counting this one!). So, balancing this, the only thing that came to mind is: From now on, I'll work harder.

Thank you all for paying me a visit. Come again soon!

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